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Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești is located in the western part of Ploiesti, near densely populated neighbourhoods. It covers an area of ​​23,000 square metres and functions in several buildings, which include classrooms, laboratories, a library, a documentation and information center, workshops, offices, a canteen, a boarding school.

The students can choose from various profiles of study, such as: science - mathematics-informatics, natural sciences; humanistic - philology; technical - electrical field, electronics and automation, electromechanics, mechanics, environmental protection, construction and public works. These classes take place in daytime or in the evening. There are also reduced frequency classes and post-secondary computer science studies and post-secondary studies for foremen, in the field of energy.

The number of students attracted by the educational offer of our school has grown steadily over the years. Given the location of the school, our students mainly come from the western area of ​​the city, but also from neighboring communes. At the same time, the specializations provided by the school and the possibility of accommodation in our own boarding school, attract students from communities close to Prahova County.

From an economic point of view, Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești is located in a developed area of ​​the city, near companies like COCA COLA SA, PLOIEȘTI, BRITISH AMERICAN TOBACCO ROMANIA INVESTMENT PLOIEȘTI, DERO LEVER PLOIEȘTI, S.C.M. TROMET PLOIEȘTI.

Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești has carried out a series of programs and projects of local, national and international interest, together with various partners (companies, educational institutions, cultural institutions and organizations, representatives of the local community, NGOs, etc.). The aim of all these partnerships is to adapt the educational services offered by the school to the requirements of modernization of the European education, to create and develop in students competences and skills which facilitate their integration into the labor market, to increase the young people’s acknowledgement of the values ​​of authentic democracy.

We consider that the quality of our graduates, their integration into the labour market and the image the school has in our community are the most important means of promoting our activities. The graduates from Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești, have proven seriousness, good training, practical abilities irrespective of the choice they made after graduation: continuing their studies in higher education and post-secondary schools or putting into practice the knowledge acquired in high school.

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