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The “A. Volta” Schools have 2 addresses: 1) Technical for business 2) Scientific Lyceum (250 students) The courses last 5 years and at the end the students have a final examination that gives them the chance: - to attend the University or superior technical courses - to start a liberal professional activity signing in the professional lists- to enter the labor market at technician level. The students that we will involve in the project are 14-20 years old.We have a great experience in online activities both for the European projects and for the online courses for workers and students. We think to give a value in supporting the project in the ICT activities, in elaborating specific didactic materials to be distributed online. Our specific area is a social and economic disadvantaged one (South Italy Region) and many of our students need a cultural and scholastic recovery because of previous drop outs. From the cooperation we expect to enforce a European responsible citizenship and netizenship by getting in touch with new people and break stereotypes, by contributing in sharing and exploring European Culture, by discovering new teaching methodologies, by developing students’ skills regarding “learning by doing” and by educating students in using media in a more rational way. Bari is the regional capital of Apulia. It is a large city with 350.000 inhabitants and a Metropolitan area larger than 1 million. Our city is rich in history, culture, and monuments. Bari is on the Adriatic Sea and is the regional capital. The main public company in Italy that owns the largest aqueducts system of Europe (AQP) is also located in Bari. AQP is not only responsible for the distribution of drinkable water (more than 21.000 km) but it also owns the drainage system (more than 10.000 km) and the purification system (182 sewage treatment plants) to reuse water in agriculture and protect the environment.

The AVolta school expertises are :

1) E-learning platform

2) Online courses

3) Didactic workshops

4) Didactic researches about market waste, diets for students, rational use of the resource municipal solid waste, saving awards Enel (leading manufacturer and distributor of electricity), the prize from “Corriere della Sera” ( one of the main Italian newspapers) for a page on municipal waste)  Media for describing and teaching all kinds of contents using an active methodology Head: Electrical and Electronics engineer Teachers of the departments of Chemistry, Art, Physics, Foreign Languages, Economics, Math, Italian, Ethics, Experts in public services, technical The coordinator of the European projects, Mariella Fanizza, has  two  degrees : in Foreign Languages and in Art and painting she teaches English language and literarure, and Drawing and art history. She has been E-twinning ambassador for many years and published a book of English and American literature: 4 volumes, papier and elettronic versions.  She gained with our school the E-twinning National and European Quality Lab qualificationel. Our school gained even the ETwinning qualification.

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