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Eitminiškės gymnasium offers general secondary education for those who are interested in further studies in every field from humanities and social science to scientific ones. Our students are between 7 to 19 years old. The school was established on 31st August, 1997. In 2004, the school was reorganized into a secondary school which had more than 100 schoolchildren from the 1st to the12th grades. In 2015, the school was reorganized into a gymnasium which had more than 180 schoolchildren from the kindergarten, 1st to the12th grades.

The gymnasium participates in various projects which promote students’ creativity, tolerance, willingness to participate, communication and teamwork skills. Since we are mostly teaching students from small villages, it is extremely important for us to give them the opportunity to practice foreign languages as well as to get to know other cultures and other life perspectives. So, they need knowledge, good examples and skills to be able gain positive attitudes and feel responsibility for his own live. In our school there are about 40 teachers, all qualified, the majority of them open to challenges, to new activities and to working in international teams in different European projects. All the teachers are very well prepared and work a lot overtime in order to teach, and moreover to educate the teenagers in our school.

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