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Meeting in Cologne

The meeting in Cologne started with the reception at the assembly hall. After a few words of the coordinators all coutries presented the photos and typical things which they brought from home in a tourism fair. After that the guests were shown around the school and had the possibility to learn a few words of German in small courses held by the German students. This was very useful for the next days. In the afternoon we had a guided tour in small groups through Cologne city centre  prepared by the German hosts. At the end of the tour we climbed Cologne Triangle Tower. There we enjoyed a spectacular view over Cologne City Centre and the outskirts of Cologne.

On Tuedsday we visited the open pit mining site in Garzweiler, where we listened to a presentation on brown coal mining by a representative of RWE Power and then went on a guided tour through the mining site. It was very impressive to see the huge area of brown coal and see how the coal is won. After a delicious lunch at the Italian restaurant L’Osteria we had a work session in school, where we planned and created our video clips in multilingual groups.

On Wednesday we visited “Zeche Zollverein”, which is a Unesco World Heritage Site in Essen.

Until 1986, a total of 240 million tons of coal had been produced, up to 8,000 miners worked day and night above and underground. It was very impressive to see how many lives and families were connected to the hard and dangerous work in the mines. After the impressive visit we had lunch on the boat MS innogy, which is powered by a methanol powered fuel cell, while we were sailing on the Lake Baldeney.

On Thursday we had another work session at school and finished our video clips to present them afterwards. We voted for the best clip. On our free afternoon some of us went ice skating or shopping in the city. In the evening we had our farewell dinner in the “Alte Feuerwache”, where we had excellent food and talked a lot about all the experiences of the trip in Cologne.

On we visited the research centre in Jülich, where we got an overview about their scientific research in general, a presentation on plasma physics, nuclear fusion and fuel cells. This centre is one of the largest interdisciplinary research centres in Europe. In the afternoon we had to say goodbye to the Romanian team, the rest of the group had a free evening and enjoyed their time with the host families and friends. On Saturday the guests left.