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 Meeting in Ploiești - Romania

October 2017

Between 15th and 21st October 2017 Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești was the host of the fourth short-term exchange of groups of pupils (C4) in the Erasmus+ project ”Save our Resources”. The main topics of the meeting were ”Solar and Wind Energy” and ”Nuclear Resources”. Before the meeting, the Romanian and the Lithuanian teams had to create the two modules mentioned above and the teams in the other partner schools tested them.

 Sunday, 15th October 2017

All the teams were picked up at ”Henri Coandă” airport in Otopeni and travelled by coach to Ploiești. In Ploiești they were met by the Romanian students and their families in the centre of the city. After that they had a free evening to know each other better and to prepare for the entertaining activities they were going to take part in during the week.

Monday, 16th October 2017

The activities started in the morning when the students and the teachers of all the delegation met at the assembly hall of Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești. The headmistress of Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești and a delegate form Prahova School Inspectorate welcomed the teams and gave speeches, while the coordinator of the Romanian team made a presentation of the programme of the week. Next two Romanian students made a presentation of Romania. This short introduction to the activities of the week was followed by a school tour after which our foreign partners went to the school canteen where they tasted a little of the Romanian tradition and took part in a festive lunch.

The afternoon continued with some ice breakers followed by the ”homework” each school had to bring: a presentation of the use of solar and wind energy in their region/country and a filmed interview with a relative/ representative of an institution that uses solar panels.

 Tuesday, 17th October 2017

The day started with a visit to Coca Cola Plant in Ploiești and continued with the Industrial Park, Ploiești -  ”Lumina Verde Center”, where a guide made a presentation about solar panels. After lunch the activities went on with a visit to ”Timken PWP”, Ploiești. Here two specialists made a presentation about wind energy. At the end of the presentation, all the delegations went on a tour of the factory.

Wednesday, 18th October 2017

Early in the morning the students and teachers went on a full day trip to Sinaia and Bran, two of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Romania, known for the stunning mountain landscapes. In Sinaia the main activity was to visit Peleș Castle, while in Bran, of course, we visited Bran Castle, better known as Dracula’s Castle. After the visit, the students and the teachers had some free time to enjoy Bran and its surroundings.

Thursday, 19th October 2017

On Thursday, the students had a long, productive and enjoyable work session in the school assembly hall. Grouped in international teams, and supervised by the teachers, the students assembled photovoltaic cell powered robots. In the afternoon, the teachers had a work session, while the teams from each country made power point presentations explaining the making process for the robots. When everything was ready, the groups of students presented their work and received some diplomas. What is more, each partner school was given 2 of the robots to take to their countries. These activities were followed by presentations of the essays on the topic: “What will the world look like from the point of view of energy consumption in the year 2100?” and next two Romanian students presented and explained a Romanian electricty invoice.

Friday, 20th October 2017

Friday was the day of our trip to Bucharest. First of all we visited ”Facultatea de inginerie a instalațiilor”. Here, some students and a professor presented to us a self-sustainable house and an electric car. We continued our visit with a guided tour of the Romanian Houses of Parliament. Our foreign guests were very much impressed by the grandeur of this building and the historical facts they learnt during the visit. When the visit was over, we had lunch at a restaurant in the old centre of Bucharest. The impressive thing about this building is that it is a monument of architecture built in 1879. When lunch was over, the teams had some free time in the old centre of Bucharest. The Italian and German delegations left for the airport, while the other delegations went back to Ploiești.

Saturday, 21st October 2017

The Lithuanian and the Spanish delegations left Ploiești by coach to go to Otopeni airport.

Reception at the school assembly hall

Traditional Romanian welcome

Visiting "Lumina Verde" Center in the Industrial Park, Ploiesti

Visiting the Coca-Cola plant

Wind power presentation at Timken PWP

Peles Castle - Sinaia

Bran Castle - Bran

Making solar powered robots

Facultatea de inginerie a instalatiilor - Bucharest

Visiting the Houses of Parliment - Bucharest