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“Why do we need to educate young people in using resources responsibly?”

The aim of the "European Resource and Energy Curriculum" is to improve education for sustainable development and create awareness for consumption and the use of resources.

It is the result of the ERASMUS + project “Save our Resources”, which was carried out by five teams from schools in Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Romania and Germany. We worked together to develop modules and materials for students in Europe to increase their knowledge about the dependability on resources and make them aware of how to use resources in a sustainable way.

This curriculum wants to enable teachers all over Europe to work with their students in order to achieve the competences students need to recognize the problems of consumption and waste of resources and energy.

Different teaching materials have been created in order to develop basic and comprehensive skills and are presented as an online document open to the public. The curriculum contains specific lesson drafts with suggestions to innovative teaching methods like cooperative teaching, self-evaluation, and problem-oriented lesson models. As these aims are reached by working in a foreign language, the language competence of all the participants (teachers and students) will improve significantly. All modules of the curriculum were put into practice, discussed and evaluated.

The curriculum contains several modules which can be worked on separately. The topics refer to examples from reality where the discussed issue is shown. The modules are useable in cross border implementation and have a different recommended age or subject where they can be used. All of them are adaptable to the country, region and classroom you work in. Please, feel free to adapt it to your needs!

Have fun working with it!

The files of the curriculum you can find here at our official Twinspace site: