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“Why do we need to educate young people in using resources responsibly?” 

Europe is one of the richest regions in the world. However, this wealth comes at a price: We live at the cost of future generations and therefore it is vital to find ways to save our finite resources.

The aim of this project has been to improve education for sustainable development and create awareness of consumption and the use of resources. The main result of the project has been the creation of "The European Resource and Energy Curriculum" for a Young Resource Manager which is formed by the following modules:

  • Introduction 
  • Water as a resource 
  • Bioenergy 
  • Solar and wind energy 
  • Fossil energy sources 
  • Nuclear power 
  • Natural resources and agriculture 
  • Nature and biodiversity 
  • Tourism as a resource 
  • Cultural resources 
  • Conclusion 

This curriculum is the result of the work done by the teams from the schools:

  • Istituto Paritario "A. Volta", Bari, Italy 
  • Eitminiškių gimnazija, Lithuania
  • IES EL PALMERAL, Vera, Spain
  • Colegiul Tehnic „Elie Radu”, Municipiul Ploiești, Romania
  • Humboldt-Gymnasium Köln, Germany

We have worked together to develop teaching modules and materials for students aged 14-18  to increase their knowledge about the dependability of resources and make them aware of how to use resources sustainably. While working with these materials, students can improve their ICT and English language skills.

The Erasmus+ programme is funded by the European Union, which gave us the opportunity to create the curriculum. All the materials are free to use by teachers and students all over the world to improve education for sustainable development.

On this website you can find information about the project, the project partner schools, the meetings and the results. On our Twinspace site and Facebook page you can have a deeper look at the activities done during the three years of the project.